In my pieces, I just experiment with what I have, (software?, pictures?, audio?, computers?, sensors?) combining elements to create something that seems new to me and that keeps my attention. I like technology, (ok, i’m addicted to it) I enjoy it and I feel that it’s possible to create beauty and also to comunicate with the audience with it, in a “new” way somehow..

I like the abstract aesthetics, I like to leave space to the imagination, I like to respond with questions and I also like to give the chance to something that it’s still in ‘raw’ style and not framed and mastered. In this way you can see further and you have more room for your interpretation.

Maybe because I grew up in the very deep country side and I had to fight hard all my life to get close to something that I really love, there’s always a technological reivindicative spirit in all my pieces, even in the unexpected ones such the experimental photographic printings (in paper) that despite the absolutely organic and non-electronic look, they were made thanks to computers, free software, algorithms and lower math..

I think also that a very good way to reivindicate the use of a technology is to make it “invisible”, creating a more direct, closer and effective link between the human and the artwork. then, the involved technology (& related philosophy) will come up when the audience asks/reads/thinks about the piece.

I like contrasts and this can be perceived in the pieces also, not just color-wise but also conceptually, for instance: aplying an algorithm (glitch, digital process..)to a pure, raw nature sample (image or audio) will give me usually very interesting and balanced results..  also a physical, almost animal action, captured into the digital domain with the optimal sensors, can produce a very rich and unique outcome..

Basically, what I want to claim (again..) is that technology doesn’t (good applied ;) is here to make our life easier and even nicer…you can get close to it, you can touch it and you can even exchange feelings with it!.  Of course (and sadly..) not everybody applies the technology for the benefit of the human kind (yeh, I’m thinking about military technology and so..) and this makes some people being skeptical about it.. But I would say to them: think about knifes.. are they good or are they bad? an excellent tool present in our daily life to make things easier but that in the other hand, can serve as a weapon to kill…

re-use of technology:

I have installations running in machines that I have rescued from the trash - I like that..

Is not new that we live in a capitalistic society. Is not new that we waste too much, It’s not new that modern products & technology have a “pre-programmed obsolescence”. We can’t do a radical change against this but at least we can “modify” our behaviors to be a little bit more sustainable..

It’s curious that many people, uses everyday and mostly, very simple and basic softwares such text processors, internet browsers, etc  and for them this computers are trash..  but when I discover this machines, with a little bit of time can convert this “trash” into a very advanced real-time video and audio processor, and sometimes just for the price of an usb stick!

Target public:

I prefer the public approach instead of the serious-academic museum location.

In general, it’s much better and productive for the interactive installations, maybe because I like to share and spread and give the chance to more people to see and enjoy. The more accesible the installation is, the better I will feel with it, specially when the enviroment allows the public to behave in a deinhibited and free way : )

Open source:

Since two years, I’m working with open source technologies (linux, pure-data, gimp)

and this state it’s actually the result of a process of searching for the right tools to work with. It’s not just the politics behind the free software.  F.S is not made by capitalistic companies, It’s made by human beings that are passionated about what they do and YOU and anyone can feel that “freedom” when you work with it.

Working with free software helps me to focus in what I want to do instead of being distracted by the options that a commite of employees of “X” mega-company put there to make more easy/fast (and so reduced) the options of the medium “consumer”. Nothing against it!. but I’m one of the guys that asks: are there more colors?.

can I paint it myself?

will that void the warranty??? ;)

And so I keep diving and discovering new wonderful things in the world of open source.

all happiness and productivity…