Laptop_jam consists in an organized meeting of people interested in electronic music, experimental, electroacoustic, sound and visual arts related to music in a prepared space.

Participants will do different things during short periods of time / 10min. and one of them (in each turn) will have the “privilege” of control/ mix the signals of the other participants.
This kind of rules (sometimes flexible..) are oriented to avoid the Chaos that it´s suposed to be when you put “eight” people together with his machines making “any” sound at the same time without any kind of control..
This rules also helps to convert the classic electronic musician nomad and solitaire in a “part” of a music group. Each jam could be once a week/ twice a month and the estimated time of execution it s about 5 hrs…
Participants will be selected depending on his application. the good thing is having a very heterogeneous group so everybody can aport a different point of view, sounds..


Video jam coordinated at the same time, Visualberlin can help with that..


In the begining of the jam, each participant will show (if want ) a brief sample of his last work (2 min max) also there´s a minute* for possibble quests

2- After this we´re go to use the random program to select the role of each participant. In the future will be possible to make more oriented Jams depending on the tendencices of the participants..

3 production space

During the week, workshops, etc…

4 guest part

musicians, technics, artists…

5 thematic jams..

To push the creativity.

Technical requirements for the “laptop_jam”:

Acoustically aconditioned space,
good sound equipmend 4.1 with subwoofer
big table with space for all the participants.
Audio mixer with as much stereo inputs as possible..

CHill out Space.

Important space.. If you are going to talk or make something related or different to the jam, you can came to this space, have a beer and relax.. (In the jam space, rules must be followed 100%)
Everybody is welcome to this space: friends, curious people, participants of other Jams…
could be nice if also in this space there´s a small sound equipment (hifi style) so musicians / dj´s that are there but weren´t selected, they can make another jam “auto” regulated (not loud)
Is important to have both spaces acoustically separated..

BEnefits of the project:

sound, patches, music, netlabel, network..



Subs (aton)
bass (tonal)
hi frecs
be free

If you are interested in Join Laptop_Jam, post here or send an email to info@minitronics.net attaching one or two audio samples (no more than 2 min) / links / video link and picture/s and explaining:

1- Name /nick
2- Real music experience (not needed but welcome..)
3- computer music experience (how long, soft, style)
4- hardware available for the jam
5 -favourite task? (bass, drums, noise, sinth, effects, background..)
6. which of this are you?
(noiser, sound art, experimental, sinthesis, remixer)