Servando Barreiro Cancela 1979 Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain


Transmediale 2010 “amaze” exhibition. Dialoguess (jan, 2010)

outonarte: Time machine, installation  (sept 2009)

Rec Madrid 2008 . “time machine” and “theremin2.0″
Live Performers Meeting, Rome, May-Jun 2008 2 live performances
Artépolis, Madrid, September 2007 2 interactive installations.
Museum c.a. “Reina Sofía” Madrid 2005 “musica video música” exhibition, screening of the performance “dicotomia”
Museum of c.a. MARCO, Vigo, 2006 “urbanitas” screening of the performance “dicotomia”
Museum of c.a, CGAC, Santiago, 2006, “proxecto edicion” screening of the performance “dicotomia”
D.C Contemporary Art Gallery, Santiago D.C. screening of the performance “dicotomia”
Medialab Madrid AVlab 1#, presentation of my software “mestura” for controlling video in real time.
Sala Nasa & Modus Vivendi, Santiago D.C. Live cinema sessions during 1+1+1 festival

“Minia” An open Source / open hardware USB P&P board for controlling the computer with sensors.. (mainly for artistic
Minitronics.net: Online shop for artistic & electronic tools. (still not online..)
Theremin 2.0: Like the first electronic musical instrument (1919) but with a digital audio engine, multisensor capabilities,
multichannel audio output and a multi-screen synch video generator.

Co-editor on Vjspain.com and Mediateletipos.net
Member of VisualBerlin e.v
Music & sound in short film “hermanos” Santiago, d.c 2004
Technical volunteer in “Tuned City” festival, Berlin.
Cue Berlin 2008 , 1st Friday of each month, interdisciplinary jam session…
Delvj, help in the development of an interface for Delvj, a free open source utility for realtime video and 3d remixing, Barcelona

Teaching Workshops:
“open hardware controllers” Visual Berlin e.v. July 2008, Berlin

” control video with sensors” Rome, May-Jun 2008 during LPM
“build your own midi controller”
“introduction to pd”
“Applications for Video in realtime” Polytechnic University of Valencia may 2008
“video in realtime” Cultural Association “la casa de los Jacintos” Madrid 2007 & 2006
“live cinema” Matadero Madrid 2007, Teaching together with Mia Makela (Solu)
“Interactive installations” Master in Elisava School of design, Barcelona.

Sound Technician:

Kachet: Live sound equipments installation, Summer of 2004, Galicia tour.
Dado dadá: live sound mixing of jazz music, 2003, Santiago d.c.
Anymus: sound technician, DJ, visual programmer.. Madrid 2006
Sound post-production with pro-tools in Communication Science faculty in Santiago D.C. during the years 2004-2005

Live visuals for:

Moby, Ellen Allien, Fangoria, DJ, Hell, Rush …

live VJ performance at K77.org artist community
VJ act at the newthinking store in Berlin.
Spindler & Klatt Berlin
Kalkscheune Berlin
Virchow campus (medicine party)
Perlin (live cinema in a weinerei)
c-base (creative commons Birthday)
24c3 (chaos communication congress at bcc, Alexanderplatz)
VJ stuff in madrid:________________
Deep Madrid (resident VJ 2007)
Blue (resident VJ 2007)
Danzoo (guest VJ )
People (guest)
French embassy in Madrid

Electronic products developement. (1998) Pontevedra
Sound technician (superior level) ( 2000-2002) Image & sound School, Vigo
Audiovisual communication in the digital era 6 month master, faculty of communication´s sciences
Graphic Design (Freehand & Photoshop, 3 month course) Madrid 2006
Video in Real time, “la casa encendida” Madrid 2005 1 week workshop
Theremin Workshop at xxxxx, Berlin
Digital theremin workshop, Transmediale Berlin, 2008
Building a small synthesyzer, xxxxx. Berlin
Bullding radio emitters (piradio) Berlin.