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Time machine it´s an interactive video/sound installation released on november 08 for a collective exhibition in the gallery Hbc kollektiv in Berlin.

Time machine basically shows what the camera it´s capturing in real time so when you see the screen it´s almost like seeing a mirror, but the fun starts in no much time..
In the moment that you heard a “click” noise, the screen will show the “past” time, and then, you probably will see what where you doing some seconds ago.. after certain time (random) the machine will show again the present time. This feature makes the installation really unpredictable and more funny. For some moments you can have the feeling that the installation really knows what you are doing.

Time machine it´s a software that can be installed in any computer and can be adjusted to start automatically so it can be running in an exhibition without giving problems because of the adjustments. Once the program it´s installed, you can forget about the keyboard and the mouse.

It´s difficult to explain but definitely easier to understand when you see it live.. I hope this video can help. ; )

time machine vernissage from Servando Barreiro on Vimeo.


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