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Synthoscope it’s an audiovisual performance. It explores the relationship between the audio frequencies and the visual representation of it.
Far from being a just technical exploration of the medium, It has a very esthetical and rich but at the same time minimalistic visual part.

The audio part it’s all generated “live’ with a set of self-made (DIY) synthesizers, combined with other kind of 70’s sexy audio gear technology..

One of this audio generators it’s a “magnet-coil” that transforms the invisible-silent electromagnetic waves radiated by the electronic technology that surrounds us into “sound”. Also interesting to see how even without a computer in the setup, almost everything that has batteries or goes plugged to power generates a substantial electromagnetic field around it.

the 2.0 version of this performance it’s being powered by hacked lasers, a nice step forward that avoids the need of using a “heavy” oscilloscope + camera + beamers…..

Rider: i need a space of at least 1 m2. and eventually an analog audio mixer with at least 4 jack inputs and 2 auxiliar sends. If I have to “fly” to the venue, an analog oscilloscope* will be neccesary also. I bring my diy synths, cables and the camera with composite and s/video output, that will be connected to the beamer with comp or s-vid. I can provide actually 2 video outputs in composite signal.
* Oscilloscope it’s no longer needed since the incorporation of LAserrr! : )

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