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My idea since the beginning was to create a system that it’s radically interactive. It’s so interactive that in absence of audience, the screen/s will remain black and the sound system (if present) will stay quiet.

In a progressive and proportional way, movement and changes in the “action area’ will trig actions in the screen (also in the sound system).

gradually, the images projected will become as complex as active is the audience.

There is also an audiovisual “bonus-track”/climax that will just be triggered by overcoming a threshold of movement/activity by the audience. At this point and in a radical way, the maximum amount of process, volume and content will be shown.

This installation it’s reality based, so what you will see it’s a composition made out of reality. there’s nothing pre-recorded on the computer, just code… Algorithms and conditions that determine together what it will happen in the screen (and in the speakers), and at the same time, the content in the screen is being feeded by the webcam + audio analysis. this fact makes the installation very rich, completely ephemeral and connected with the reality/environment. integrating the audience into the piece.

this installation that I’m offering it’s a work in progress or an “evolution’ of what I’m doing with computers, free software, A.I, physical computing, webcams and sensors since two years from now..

The system, apart from the inner complexity, it’s extremely simple and fast to setup. It could be presented as a self-contained box (compu+beamer+webcm) that just needs to be connected to the power and it will project anywhere the  outcome.

this installation is not just simple to install.. It’s also modular!.  So it can be adapted to any space, location, 1 or more webcams, sound conditions, light conditions, computer dotation, operative system, etc..

despite the description, the ‘organic’ simplicity of this installation it’s understanded immediately in seconds even for very young kids or for an audience non related / friendly with technology..

I can say that In this installation, the ‘technological’ layer that I always reivindicate, it’s in an invisible level. you can just play with it and enjoy what you see and what you hear, and If you want, in addition, you can read my statement and you can try to understand what’s going on, but in any case, here ‘your attitude it’s everything..’


video1: attitudes @ Berlin hbc/amaze (subbed)
video2: attitudes clean sound

TAgs: interactive, media art, free-software, abstract, self-contained, contemporary, organic, technological, do-it-yourself, hacking.



Attitudes es una instalación para espacios públicos que se plantéa como un juego en el que se premia
al espectador que mas interactúe con la instalación y con los demas espectadores, mediante un complejo sistema de detección de movimiento y valoración del mismo.
la instalación tiene dos camaras que captan dos zonas enfrente a una pantalla de proyección. el público, al pasar por delante de las cámaras va a verse reflejado en la pantalla pero de una manera “especial” ya que la instalación tambien puede mostrar el pasado mezclado con el presente.. Al mismo tiempo, tambien se muestra lo que esté captando la otra camara si es que está captando algo.
La norma es: si no te mueves, no veras nada.. Cuanto mas te muevas, mas contenido vas a disfrutar, pudiendo llegar incluso a un climax de saturación audiovisual.

Attitudes va a ser mostrada en Madrid el 3 de marzo durante el festival REC

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