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Tired of having always a lack of “frame” and depending many times on strange computers / beamers/ screens, etc.. I decided to modify a little bit the output of what I was doing and made a set of printings in photographic paper.

the source of theses images are real pictures taken in Berlin.  mostly graffiti and industrial destruction.
Many times you can find this things together but not “mixed” : ), I just started to be fascinated about places where the graffitis go out of the wall and they start to colorize many things (intentionally or not) in the surroundings such as plants, water tubes, electricity boxes, screws, metal-trash…
I used for this serie a digital reflex camera with a russian 50mm lens (big aperture) and without flash..
In order to get the maximum depth of field, I focused by moving the camera back and forth until having the perfect image and not by using the focus ring.

The original images are really nice, but I wanted to create with them something more personal, complete and abstract. For that purpose, I made a program with the Open source software “pure data” that reads the pictures, applies random processes to them and allows me to render a big and nice new picture with the same quality and size than the original pictures from my digital camera.
The software can run in realtime and show one by one  all the different possibilities of combination between the pictures and the different processes applied.

The size of this special serie it´s 6 mpix, enough to print it in A3 (29x 42 cm)  with perfect quality.
The next serie will be 12 mpix, (A2, 42x 59 cm)
there will be also some copies in A4

if you are interested in getting one (or several..)  just send me a line..


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