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Dialogues it’s an interactive installation where the interaction happens between the people and the computer becames just a tool for “augmented interaction”..

This installation invites the people to “play” and start a “non verbal communication” with the people that stays in the other side of the “Wall”.

Basically, the setup consists in a computer, two screens* , two webcams, two microphones and two speakers.

the installation it’s programmed in free-software, that makes it more portable and multiplatform.

The machine can be setup also to run automatically the installation, then, nobody has to worry about turning the machine on/off and about power failures.

Dialogues it´s an interactive art installation for a public space, it´s especially designed to be installed in two contiguous rooms.
In this installation, one camera, one speaker and one projector it´s installed in each room. All the signals from both rooms go to one computer.

when there´s no people in any of the rooms, the system just plays some generative graphics and sound.

After one person enters just one of the rooms, the system it´s activated, and then, the person can see himself in the screen.

If anybody enters the other room in the moment that there´s still people in the room 1, then the real “dialogues” game will start…

The system will analyze the movement and the sound in both rooms and will calculate where there is more “activity” . The screen (the same content in both rooms) will display the room with more “activity” while the other room It will be just difused / distorted… The people will be able to “fight for the camera”…
In addition to this and as a tribute to old fighting games, an “energy” graphical counter will be showed in the upper part of the screen, displaying which room it´s winning the game..

This installation it´s made entirely with free software in form of an stand-alone application that it´s able to start automatically when the computer starts up..

The system should work theoretically in Linux, osX and Windows in machines with good graphic card.

Servando Barreiro.

this was the setup at home suess home.

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