TRIOon (Electronic A/V Trio)

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TRIoon is a live oriented AV project bringing together in a unique jam session three experienced independent artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches. A TRIoon performance is a bending of time in realtime: where moments in time are reassembled using the resonant and the electrical, using tools from a 1000 years of sonic evolution, colour, tone, light and shade. TRIoon explores the realms of method, discipline, chaos, thought, feeling, boundaries, nation, culture and technology, improvising a narrative in realtime.

Armed with a guitar, a bass guitar, a box of children’s instruments, found objects, a radio, FX, self-built Minitronics and 3 laptops which they refuse to synchronise, TRIoon responds to the moment taking the audience on a total rollercoaster ride of the senses encompassing fragility, intensity, movement and stillness.

TRIoon is an international collaboration between producer/musicians Dr.Nojoke (Germany) and J-Lab (UK) & Spanish musician/visual artist, Servando Barreiro operating mainly in the Netaudio and Open Source community. At the moment they are based in Berlin, Germany. TRIoon presented their debut performance at Club Transmediale 09 in Berlin.

some photographs from trioon here

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