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My idea since the beginning was to create a system that it’s radically interactive. It’s so interactive that in absence of audience, the screen/s will remain black and the sound system (if present) will stay quiet.

In a progressive and proportional way, movement and changes in the “action area’ will trig actions in the screen (also in the sound system).

gradually, the images projected will become as complex as active is the audience.

There is also an audiovisual “bonus-track”/climax that will just be triggered by overcoming a threshold of movement/activity by the audience. At this point and in a radical way, the maximum amount of process, volume and content will be shown.

This installation it’s reality based, so what you will see it’s a composition made out of reality. there’s nothing pre-recorded on the computer, just code… Algorithms and conditions that determine together what it will happen in the screen (and in the speakers), and at the same time, the content in the screen is being feeded by the webcam + audio analysis. this fact makes the installation very rich, completely ephemeral and connected with the reality/environment. integrating the audience into the piece.



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w34pd A/V performance

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TRIOon (Electronic A/V Trio)

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TRIoon is a live oriented AV project bringing together in a unique jam session three experienced independent artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches. A TRIoon performance is a bending of time in realtime: where moments in time are reassembled using the resonant and the electrical, using tools from a 1000 years of sonic evolution, colour, tone, light and shade. TRIoon explores the realms of method, discipline, chaos, thought, feeling, boundaries, nation, culture and technology, improvising a narrative in realtime.



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Time machine it´s an interactive video/sound installation released on november 08 for a collective exhibition in the gallery Hbc kollektiv in Berlin.



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Music made from piano samples and played w monome and some other new instruments..


Visual performances pictures

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